Few could have imagined how COVID-19 would change the way we interact, live and work. Within a few short weeks, governments, public safety teams and supporting agencies have had to completely rethink the way they deliver services to support our communities at this crucial time in history.

Now more than ever, GenVis is here to help, providing tools built hand in hand with Australian law enforcement to tackle the complex challenges facing them today.

Managing travel restrictions and people movement is a major priority for agencies across the globe. G2G PASS is a dedicated website and mobile app built for the WA Police Force to help them manage and enforce travel restrictions.

The G2G PASS website was built to help those who are exempt from the travel restrictions to submit an application and get a fast approval.

The mobile app allows for application status tracking and then the easy access, display and verification of approved G2G PASSES.

GenVis delivered the end to end, fully digital solution over a period of two weeks and were happy to support the WA Police to get and keep people on the road the right way.

Helping public safety teams respond to Covid-19

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GenVis could not have delivered the G2G PASS solution in the timeframe required without having AWS and RIoT Solutions working in the trenches with us.

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