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Same same, but different

At GenVis we love technology and we're very happy to be working at a time when the rate of technological change is like nothing the world has ever known before. The possibilities are endless for organisations who embrace AI and GenVis is happy to play a part in their journey, building transformational solutions that make the previously impossible, possible.

GenVis is proudly Australian whilst serving global markets. Our team has world-class expertise in computer vision, data science and user centric design, making us the ideal partner for companies needing to process, understand and act on visual data as a core business function.


Team GenVis

Kirstin Butcher

Founder + Chief Executive Officer

Rob Honeybul

Co-Founder + VP of Engineering

Michael O’Sullivan

Chief Technology Officer

Donna Vinci

Chief Operating Officer

Adam Stanning

Chief Design Officer

Gabe Enslin

Head of Public Safety

Phuong Nguyen

Senior Software Engineer

Declan Woods

Full Stack Engineer

Celine Bonin

Senior Software Engineer

Lauren Laskerr

Full Stack Engineer

Hayden Woods

Full Stack Engineer

Felicia Lioe


Hao Xue

R&D Engineer

Yasir Jan

R&D Engineer

Zubair Ahmed

R&D Engineer

Ryan Banks

Business Operations Manager

Paul Laureta

Customer Support

Michelle Celiz

Customer Support

Like what you see?

If you are a thoughtful engineer or a customer obsessed account executive and think you could add a special something to the GenVis team we’d love to hear from you. Send your resume to hello@genvis.co